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Box and Dropbox are amazing tools in File Hosting category. Find a complete comparison of Box vs Dropbox below. Check the top features, pricing, user reviews and pros and cons of both.

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Simple, secure file sharing and collaboration from anywhere.

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A central place to access and share files.

Box vs Dropbox

What is Box?

Since its inception, Box offered cloud storage services tailored to businesses. This difference in target audience as compared to Dropbox reflects in the making of the product and structure of the company - more focus on security, tool integrations, and great customer service. As Dropbox continues to expand in businesses, it has become a competitor - but Box is the experienced player in this market.

What is Dropbox?

Starting with a consumer-facing app, Dropbox introduced cloud storage for businesses in a big way. It has a simple UI, allows unlimited storage, and can be accessed across devices. It integrates with a wide number of tools and has significant API presence for any custom usage.

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Box vs Dropbox - When to Use

When to use Box

For firms where security is critical, Box is a great product

When to use Dropbox

If you are already using GSuite, then Drive might be a better bet. However, Dropbox's ease of use and easy syncing features make it a serious contender otherwise.

Box vs Dropbox - Relevance to remote workers

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Box vs Dropbox - Testimonials

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