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About Slack

Slack is where work flows. It's where the people you need, the information you share, and the tools you use come together to get things done.

Slack - Details & Top Features

Slack is a new-age team communication and collaboration tool. With a simple interface, ability to organize conversations by channels and a huge community to develop nifty productivity tools, it has streamlined team communication, making it a necessity for remote teams.

Slack pricing - How much does Slack cost?

  • Free version available
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    Relevance to Remote Work

    Huge community
    Very well funded
    Robust app

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    • Shailabhadra

      Very good tool for business communication

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago
    • Akshay

      Useful tool for team communication.

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago
    • Nathan Murphy
      @murphyjnathan, Cofounder, QuizBreaker

      I can’t imagine not having Slack. So much better than email!

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago
    • David Monk
      @dm9091, Marketing at Moat, Moat

      Use Slack all the time at my company and with freelance work. Both the desktop and mobile app are easy to use and it’s a great way to communicate with other remote workers.

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago
    • Taige Zhang

      The best solution!

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago
    • Dmytro Kovalenko
      @tasteofdalife, Designer, Resolvd

      All time best professional messaging tool. Use it with multiple teams daily.

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago
    • Denis Shershnev

      Slack is the best tool for remote teams

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago
    • Hunter McKinley

      Been using Slack for a long time. Love it!

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago
    • Mauricio
      @mauricio, Founder, Rocka

      Essential for any remote team!

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago
    • Jaira Romero
      @hello, Co-founder, RemoteWoman

      Great tool for teams to collaborate remote

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago
    • Boris Borisov
      @boris.borisov, Co-founder, RemoteMore

      Slack is awesome! I’ve used Hipchat before and it was okay, but Slack is better in my opinion.

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago
    • Sneha Mittal
      @sneha.mittal91, Marketing and Customer Service Manager, SuperSaaS Online Appointment Scheduling

      Great tool for small and medium businesses! highly recommended :)

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago
    • Ryan Le Roux

      Wonderful for quick synchronous communication for our fully remote team.

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago