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About Upwork

Get it done with a freelancer. Grow your business with the top freelancing website.

Upwork - Details & Top Features

Upwork is a freelance marketplace offering freelancers across various categories, moderating individuals through reviews and ratings. Probably the best marketplace for freelancers, but still suffers from the usual troubles of talent marketplaces - unreliable quality, long time to find freelancers, etc.

Upwork pricing - How much does Upwork cost?

  • Allows both fixed project and hourly rate models
  • Takes a 20% fee from freelancers

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    • David Monk
      @dm9091, Marketing at Moat, Moat

      I’ve used UpWork to hire several freelancers as well as to find freelance work. They’ve taken great strides in helping those that do good work stand out. The big downside comes with pricing as they charge clients a percentage on top of whatever is agreed with a freelancer and they also take a pretty hefty percentage from freelancers to start (20% until $500 in billables, then 10% until 10,000 in billables, and then 5% - this fee structure is per client).

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago
    • Katheriin Liibert
      @katheriin.liibert, Tech x Product x Marketing | Co-Founder #muhoov | TedX Speaker

      UpWorks makes it easy to hire people on a project-basis. Have used it several times to hire developers and translators.

             reply     0      almost 4 years ago