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Zoom and Join.me are amazing tools in Video Communication category. Find a complete comparison of Zoom vs Join.me below. Check the top features, pricing, user reviews and pros and cons of both.

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An enterprise video communications tool with a cloud platform.

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Free video conferencing & online meetings for the remote worker.

Zoom vs Join.me

What is Zoom?

Reliable video communication with a lot more meeting-mimicking features than Skype for Business, such as breakouts and virtual hand-raising. No need for attendees' contact information means no massive list of dormant contacts later.

What is Join.me?

Powered by the same company that owns GoToMeeting, the two products cater to completely different markets. Join.me is for independent workers and small businesses as it comes with a free version loaded with basic features and enables hassle-free audio and video calling.

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Zoom vs Join.me - When to Use

When to use Zoom

For one-to-one meetings, and quick catch-ups the free version works sufficiently well. Great for big teams who want a safe and secure video conferencing software.

When to use Join.me

A video conferencing tool for small businesses, Join.Me has a modern interface that's very easy to use and plenty of features to enhance your online meetings.

Zoom vs Join.me - Relevance to remote workers

Zoom - Relevance to remote workers


Join.me - Relevance to remote workers


Zoom vs Join.me - Testimonials

Zoom - Testimonials

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Join.me - Testimonials

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