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Active Workday

About Active Workday

Have healthier, more productive workdays by combining the Pomodoro technique with brief exercise breaks you do right at your desk

Active Workday - Details & Top Features

Active Workday is an experiment to get people to be active in the place they're the most sedentary—at work. Sitting all day is devastating for your health. Active Workday makes it fun to stay active by combining the Pomodro technique with 30-second exercise breaks you do right at your desk.

Active Workday pricing - How much does Active Workday cost?

  • Free, $4.99 / mo for PLUS or $49.98 / yr

  • Relevance to Remote Work

    We spend hours sitting at cafes or co working spaces. This isn't doing our health any favors. Active Workday will remind you when to focus, when to get active, and when to take a break.

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