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What is Adobe Dreamweaver?

Adobe Dreamweaver is a software for visually designing web pages and develop modern, responsive websites

  • About Adobe Dreamweaver

    About Adobe Dreamweaver

    Dreamweaver is an application that lets you design, code and manage websites. What is interesting about the software is that it offers both the possibility to write code as well as make a website using a visual interface

    For both graphic designers and serious coders, it remains the best choice for custom-built mobile and desktop sites

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  • When to use Adobe Dreamweaver

    When to use Adobe Dreamweaver

    Dreamweaver helps businesses to develop and design responsive web sites

    It lets web designers and front-end developers to create, code, and manage websites that look amazing on any size screen

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Remote workers can easily build and manage responsive websites really fast. It includes a code editor that supports syntax highlighting, code completion, real-time syntax checking, and code introspection for generating code hints to assist the them in writing code
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