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What is Afino?

Afino learns about what types of activities your team loves, then plans and hosts them for you! Put time back in your day while building a great culture for your team

  • About Afino

    About Afino

    Building a great company culture leads to greater productivity, enhanced performance, and more collaboration. In a remote setting, this is a challenge.

    Afino makes it easy to keep your team connected and engaged, removing virtual barriers and benefiting your bottom line

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  • When to use Afino

    When to use Afino

    We help managers create engaging environments that keep their teams connected, no matter where they are working from. Easily find and host fun events, get personalized suggestions, and see feedback from your team

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Build great relationships with your team, no matter where you're working
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