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About Allegory

Allegory is a powerful notes app with a beautiful iOS-centric UI. The minimal and focused writing experience, combined with an impressive set of powerful features, makes this the ideal choice for everyone.

Allegory - Details & Top Features

A beautiful notes app with all the new iOS 13 features, using brilliant custom animations whilst retaining an iOS-centric UI. Focus on writing, whilst retaining powerful features. It contains dark mode support, a standalone Watch app, universal app, Today Extension, iMessage Stickers, Siri shortcuts, iCloud sync, URL Schemes, custom action extension, accessibility and VoiceOver enhancements, it’s localised, and much more.

Allegory pricing - How much does Allegory cost?

  • Free, with subscription-based Pro features

  • Relevance to Remote Work

    Everyone lives to keep note and track of what they're doing, this app does exactly that.

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