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What is Automation 2.0 by DronaHQ?

Automation has its own process builder to help build processes visually with drag and drop. This engine is built on top of DronaHQ workflow/BPM engine

  • About Automation 2.0 by DronaHQ

    About Automation 2.0 by DronaHQ

    Connect apps and databases to automate workflows end-to-end or simply sync data between two apps.

    Easy builder to write critical workflows or complex automation rules.

    Complex logical branching, databases connection, form submissions, report generations, notifications and more

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  • When to use Automation 2.0 by DronaHQ

    When to use Automation 2.0 by DronaHQ

    It can be used to connect apps and create automations for simple to complex workflows on a visual workflow builder

    Connect to Databases, APIs and third party apps to automate processes across most popularly used tools and databases

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • DronaHQ offers one-click, remote deployments at ease
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