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About Brosix

Brosix is the perfect solution for businesses in need of advanced protection of their daily work communication. The closed network and P2P encryption safeguard enterprises of all kinds from intruders and data leaks.

Brosix - Details & Top Features

Equip your team with the right collaboration tool. Brosix has two enterprise plans available for its users: Business and Premium. The Business plan includes app features, a private team network, as well as a host of enterprise tools such as chat history archive, user feature control, and much more. The Premium plan contains all of the available app and enterprise features plus advanced control options for more focused and secure team communication and collaboration.

Brosix pricing - How much does Brosix cost?

  • Premium - $6
  • Business - $4
  • Check out the complete pricing options for Brosix.

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    We provide a secure communication for remote teams and easy way to manage them.

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