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Why is document collaboration important for remote work?

Document collaboration tools allow all team members to view, edit and work synchronously to achieve common goals. Some of the very important use cases of these tools are:

  1. Management of documents (sharing and storage)

  2. Collaborative documentations

  3. Review of documents

  4. Task management

How are document collaboration tools useful?

  1. Increased security - For instance, when you send emails, you will have greater (and selective) control over who can view/ edit it.

  2. Reduce the number of tools in your stack - Instead of having multiple apps for different use cases, one can use a single document collaboration tool (e.g. Slite, Notion) to have it all in one place.

  3. Increase in productivity - Time that’s spent on searching for and gathering a document is saved.

  4. Version control in documents - When changes are being made and are shared in the team, it might be tough to keep track of the latest version. Document collaboration tools do this automatically for you.

Document Collaboration
Slite is where all your team's information lives.
Added by Laure Albouy
Document Collaboration
The living knowledge library for modern collaborators.
Added by Jiwon Jang
Document Collaboration
Secure, legally binding electronic signature, adapted for Europe.
Added by Balint Bertok
Document Collaboration
A tool to manage your business
Added by Vladimir N
Google Docs
Document Collaboration
Cloud based collaborative word document.
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Document Collaboration
Team wiki with multiple integration options.
Added by Jesse Chase
Document Collaboration
Capture, share, and manage expertise
Added by Joe Halpin
Document Collaboration
Easily transfer files between any device in real time.
Added by Bennett
Document Collaboration
Improve team collaboration and scale customer support.
Added by Josh Brown
Document Collaboration
Add your company knowledge to Google Search
Added by uman.ai
Document Collaboration
Content marketing tool for distributed teams
Added by Steph Newton
Document Collaboration
Plan and perform tasks with a single global goal in mind
Added by Eugene
Document Collaboration
Internal wiki for companies that want to grow efficiently
Added by Nelson Joyce
Document Collaboration
Anyone in your company can find, retain and share information
Added by Daniel Schramm
Arcane Docs
Document Collaboration
Privacy-focused alternative to Google Docs
Added by Walterion
Document Collaboration
A well-structured content collaboration software.
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Document Collaboration
Knowledge sharing platform for remote teams
Added by Elium HQ
Arcane Sheets
Document Collaboration
Privacy-focused alternative to Google Sheets
Added by Walterion
Document Collaboration
All-in-one doc for your team to share notes, track tasks, and more
Added by Al Chen
Document Collaboration
Interact with Google Sheets in Slack
Added by Jeremy Greze
Document Collaboration
Company wiki and knowledgebase for teams
Added by Dragos Bulugean
Document Collaboration
An automated cryptocurrency payroll solution for your business
Added by Vladimir Vakhrushev
Dropbox Paper
Document Collaboration
Cloud document collaboration tool with zero distractions.
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Document Collaboration
Office suite of powerful document editors and productivity tools
Added by Ksenia Fedoruk
Document Collaboration
Sign docs on the go and stay in control of the entire signing process
Added by Darya Jandossova Troncoso
Document Collaboration
Product management software for your entire product team
Added by Elad Simon
Document Collaboration
A place to think and track ideas for you and your team
Added by Samy Pesse
Document Collaboration
Collaboration combined with messaging.
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Document Collaboration
Stay organized and get things done efficiently
Added by Atif Shahab
Elephant Drive
Document Collaboration
Secure online backup, storage, file sharing and sync
Added by Ingrid Newkirk