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Let's consider an instance - you are working remotely from an unknown location where you do have access to the internet. You are prepared with the your 'remote work setup kit' consisting of:

  • Laptop

  • Headphones

  • Mouse

  • Work-related documents

Your team lead calls you and asks you to share a copy of the agreement that you had taken home for signing. You do have the signed copy of this agreement, but do not have a scanner or a printer at the location. What would you do? Probably one of the two things below:

  • Click a photo and share it, to which the response from your manager would possibly be -'Not Acceptable!' 😢

  • Request your manager that you would share the signed copy when you return back

This is a typical situation when scanner apps come to your rescue 🤘

Every document scanner app comes with a specific set of features which mainly revolve around the following:

  1. Compatibility: Either with Android, MacOS or iOS

  2. OCR and language support: OCR refers to Optical Character Recognition and helps the application recognize text from a scanned image. Apps such as Prizmo can recognize text in as many as 23 languages.

  3. Storage: As the document might be confidential or sensitive, apps such as Scannable do offer secure cloud storage options.

  4. Cost: With apps such as CamScanner, which has a 'Scanned with Camscanner' watermark below every scanned document, the premium version removes this watermark.

Check below our handpicked list of best document scanner apps for remote work.

Receipt Lens
Scanning Documents
Expense Tracker
Added by Bu Fan
Scanning Documents
App that allows for easy scanning of documents and sharing.
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Scanning Documents
An easy-to-use scanning app with a pretty UI.
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Scanning Documents
Scannable by Evernote is a document scanning app only for iPhone.
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Scanning Documents
A Mac-only app, Prizmo is more than a document scanner.
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Genius Scan
Scanning Documents
A secure scanner app for scanning sensitive documents.
Added by The Grizzly Labs
Adobe Scan
Scanning Documents
Free, quick, and easy document scanning app.
Added by Saibal Bhattacharjee
ABBY FineScanner AI
Scanning Documents
Smart, easy and quick document scanner app.
Added by David Yang