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If we talk about the use cases for a note-taking app, people usually use it to:

  • List down items to buy

  • Maintaining a wish list

  • Jot down meeting agendas

  • Remember and review formulae or important concepts

  • Write and share code snippets

  • Store and share photos and designs

  • Store and share audio files

And the list goes on. Note-taking apps have in fact become powerful now that they can probably handle every single use case you can think of.

Depending on your specific use case, you can can ask yourself these set of questions to help you choose the most appropriate note-taking app:

  • What type of user am I? - Whether you are a Google Power user, MacOS user , Windows user, Android or iOS user. Some note taking apps will have compatibility across multiple devices while others might just work on a single system.

  • Am I a designer, developer or just a regular user? - Apps such as Notion support all the three use-cases while apps like Simple Note would primarily support the needs of a regular user

  • Am I ready to pay for a note taking app ? - Though most apps have free version available for individuals, apps such as Fireflies.ai do charge a reasonable amount per user when using it for teams

Did we miss out on any note taking app that you are using? Drop us a line at hrishikesh@remote.tools. Would be happy to hear your reviews 💙

AI that joins, record and transcripts your meetings.
Added by Sam Udotong
Note Taking
All-in-one workspace to collaborate and share notes.
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Note Taking
Notejoy is a collaborative notes app for you and your team.
Added by Sachin Rekhi
Notes synced across devices and to the cloud.
Added by Ashok Ramamoorthy
Note Taking
Meeting notes powered by transcription
Added by Kseniia Svechnikova
Note Taking
App designed for note taking, organizing, task lists, and archiving.
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Note Taking
Microsoft's solution to all kinds of note-keeping and file types.
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Google Keep
Note Taking
A personal note-taking app for everyone.
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Note Taking
Online notepad for developers
Added by Kelvin
Note Taking
Organiser for your lists, notes and sketches
Added by Jaz King
Note Taking
The simplest way to keep notes.
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Note Taking
Powerful notes app with a beautiful iOS-centric UI
Added by Shihab
Note Taking
Flexible notes and tasks, built by productivity enthusiasts
Added by Kevin Andrews
Note Taking
Create to-do lists that stay in sync and update in real time
Added by Andrew Schmelyun
Note Taking
Keep chains of private and public notes
Added by Sviatoslav Bylim
FastEver 3
Note Taking
Quick note-taking app for Evernote
Added by Daigo Wakabayashi
Note Taking
Private space for your notes, photos and to-do lists
Added by Ariny Guedes
Note Taking
Delegate note management and focus on the important stuff
Added by Pascal Held
Note Taking
Jot down and auto-save quick notes
Added by Shubham Jain
Note Taking
Write ideas down as fast as they come up
Added by Gildo Fiorito