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We have witnessed a rapid adoption of video conferencing tools not just by remote teams, which were early adopters of this form of communication, but also by co-located teams. Although there have been some major security concerns that have surfaced for popular tools like Zoom, makers of video conferencing apps are working hard to figure solutions for this.

We have documented an exhaustive list of video conferencing apps towards the end of this post, however, here are our top 7 picks with a brief review on each:

  • Remo.co: It offers two products - Remo Conference and Remo Virtual Office. With features such as setting up virtual events with broadcast capabilities, creating virtual offices and networking in the virtual conference makes Remo.co a very powerful tool for enterprises.

  • Lito: Lito is an easy-to-use web application that uses voice chat plus screen sharing as a way to collaborate with teams. You tend to miss out on visual cues though which is possible in other video communication tools.

  • GoTo Meeting: Specifically built for enterprises, GoToMeeting’s best feature is that except the host, the attendees can join the meeting without installation of the application. Additionally, the compatibility across devices makes it easy for teams to collaborate faster. It is also feature-rich in terms of workflow integrations, security compliance and account management features.

  • Adobe Connect: Adobe Connect is of great value particularly in activities which require customized and interactive meeting rooms - examples, webinars and online training.

  • Hibox: When it comes to managing tasks while having a video call, Hibox fits the bill. With a fee as low as US $4 per user for PRO version and US $8 per user for Enterprise version, it provides advanced task management tools and security settings.

  • JackFruit: For companies who are already using Slack, Jackfruit can be a great integration. You can create video rooms for channels you add JackFruit to.

  • urLive: For one-to-one conversation or smaller teams (upto 4 people), urLive can be the right fit. Additionally, they have a 180 days free trial version.

Video Communication
Virtual workspace for remote and distributed teams.
Added by Ho Yin Cheung
Video Communication
An enterprise video communications tool with a cloud platform.
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Video Communication
Communication made easy
Added by Robert Zalaudek
Kallu Conference...
Video Communication
Free, unlimited and worldwide conference call service.
Added by Eric
Video Communication
Voice chat and screen collaboration for distributed teams.
Added by Sammy
Video Communication
Browser based video solution for webinars, meetings and VOD.
Added by Thibaut Davoult
Wisp | Remote...
Video Communication
Real-time collaboration for remote teams.
Added by Rajiv Ayyangar
Video Communication
A collaboration workspace for remote teams
Added by Alex
Video Communication
Smart video interactions for remote teams
Added by Andy Payne
Video Communication
Screen recording and sharing made easy.
Added by Sunil
Video Communication
Virtual office for remote teams
Added by Rajiv Ayyangar
Video Communication
Video conferencing platform to make online meetings better
Added by Roundee
Video Communication
An always-on video room for every Slack channel.
Added by James Potter
Loop Team
Video Communication
Virtual Office for Distributed Teams
Added by Brad Landthorn
Video Communication
Effortless video collaboration for remote and distributed teams.
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Video Communication
Virtual backgrounds for Zoom video calls
Added by Mel
Video Communication
Virtual office for teammates to communicate well with their team
Added by Vivek Nair
Video Communication
Micro-video conferencing solution built for distributed teams
Added by sean hamawi
Video Communication
A lightweight chrome extension for screen and camera recording
Added by Varun Goyal
Video Communication
Professional online meetings built for business.
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Video Communication
A platform for task management, business chat and video calls
Added by Mariano Rodriguez Colombelli
Video Communication
1000+ free crowdsourced backgrounds for your next meeting
Added by Tamas Torok
Video Communication
A video-based remote working tool
Added by Avanti
Video Communication
A business-friendly alternative to Hangouts.
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Video Communication
A call app for not a meeting, but for coworking
Added by Shun Yamada
Video Communication
A business meeting software.
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Video Communication
Have happier, more productive team meetings
Added by Julie Cinco
Video Communication
Video conferencing platform
Added by Constantine Sharandak
Video Window
Video Communication
Always-on immersive video conferencing portal for teams
Added by Daryl Hutchings
Video Communication
Free video conferencing & online meetings for the remote worker.
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Adobe Connect
Video Communication
Create exceptional collaboration experiences.
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Video Communication
Zoom meeting menus for conference rooms and remote teams
Added by Jonathan Abbett
Pukka Team
Video Communication
Offers live snapshots of your remote team throughout the day.
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Video Communication
Full privacy video group chat
Added by Dirk
Meeting Owl Pro
Video Communication
360° smart video conferencing camera
Added by Mark Schnittman
Video Communication
Powering Remote Workers and Smart Businesses
Added by Dominic Banguis
Video Communication
Fun virtual backgrounds for Zoom
Added by Mark Allen
Video Communication
Use one-way video to spot your top job candidates
Added by Brandyn Morelli
Video Communication
Transcribe, annotate, and share your recordings
Added by Mark
Spike Secure...
Video Communication
Video Conferencing. Secure. Simple. Free. Open. No limits.
Added by Daphna
8x8 Video Meetings
Video Communication
Secure, fully-featured and free video conferencing
Added by Randy Ksar
Video Communication
Async video standups for remote teams
Added by Nick