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What is Censinet?

Censinet is the first SaaS company in healthcare cybersecurity providing a two-sided network platform for third-party risk assessments

  • About Censinet

    About Censinet

    At Censinet we believe that innovation in healthcare is a good thing. Our platform is made to speed the adoption of useful innovations by streamlining the third-party vendor risk assessment process and by adding automation. For years we've studied all the data risk elements in adopting new digital tools. Everything we've built is specific to healthcare

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  • When to use Censinet

    When to use Censinet

    Used for third-party risk assessment of healthcare vendors

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Censinet is a SaaS for remote cybersecurity and risk analyst teams. Communication and workflows within the platform to eliminate email, phone calling, and passing of spreadsheets manually
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