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What is CereKart?

CereKart is an on demand delivery app for food, grocery, flower, medicine, laundry, and eCommerce businesses to streamline and automate processes.

  • About CereKart

    About CereKart

    CereKart is an on demand delivery system for businesses dealing in food, grocery, medicine, flower, cab, eCommerce, logistics, laundry, and marijuana delivery.

    It has an admin app, vendor/seller app, delivery personnel app, and customer app.

    This delivery management software allows businesses to streamline their on-demand delivery business in a hassle-free manner

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  • When to use CereKart

    When to use CereKart

    Delivery Businesses like Restaurants and Cafes(Food Delivery), Florist(Flower Delivery), Pharmacies(Medicine Delivery), Courier Delivery , E-Commerce Businesses,etc, can use CeraKart to manage their entire delivery system.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • CereKart is also beneficial for individuals operating Ghost Kitchens.
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