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About Claritask

Claritask helps teams work better and faster. Nothing is ever lost in Claritask. You're always sure your delegated task is received, if not, you can nudge your teammate via comments or unobtrusive subtle notifications.

Claritask - Details & Top Features

Claritask is a task management software that offers various tools right out of the box that help you and your team work better. A customer once said , "If it's not on Claritask, it will never get done!" Claritask helps you quickly find tasks that you've been recently working on, see what's been completed while you're gone, a detailed history of project activity, etc. Claritask is a good fit for various communities.

Claritask pricing - How much does Claritask cost?

  • Free for individuals and teams of 3. Upgrade to $29/month for up to 10 people, afterwards $10 for the next 10 people. Super affordable and accessible for a best-in-class product.
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  • Testimonials

    Relevance to Remote Work

    With the benefits of async communication on the rise, Claritask allows remote teams to communicate with assurance while knowing that responsible parties got their inquiry. Subtle notifications allow team members to be aware of new requests without having to interrupt their task on hand. Companies working with remote teams across continents can easily keep everyone accountable via tools offered inside Claritask.

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