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Clover and Square are amazing tools in Payment Software category. Find a complete comparison of Clover vs Square below. Check the top features, pricing, user reviews and pros and cons of both.

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Credit card processing for small businesses

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Get paid fast from anywhere

Clover vs Square

What is Clover?

What your Clover POS can do for you: - Better online ordering through searches, ads or your website - Fully mobile POS system - Accept all types of payments anywhere you have wifi - Customized gift cards.

What is Square?

Users can integrate with Square’s card reader hardware and POS application to process payments anywhere, and in any way that customers wish to pay. Square also has tools for customers too, like Cash App, which lets people send money to friends and family instantly

Clover pricing vs Square pricing

  • Pricing varies depending on the product you buy. Mini at $749 or $250 for 3 months. Station at $1349 or $450 for 3 months
  • Complete Pricing

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Clover vs Square - When to Use

When to use Clover

Use Clover as your one stop POS solution for your store.

When to use Square

Businesses can use Square Payments to make transactions from any location, deposit payments from all major credit cards, send invoices, store payment details for recurring customers, sell through e-commerce platforms, and more through integration with other Square tools and third party applications

Clover vs Square - Relevance to remote workers

Clover - Relevance to remote workers

Remote workers can accept payments with ease for their business through Clover's offering.

Square - Relevance to remote workers

Payments can be handled remotely by keying in payments even when offline and, utilizing Square hardware, merchants can accept credit cards, NFC payments, gift cards, and more

Clover vs Square - Testimonials

Clover - Testimonials

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Square - Testimonials

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