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About Contactzilla

A no nonsense online service making contact management within remote teams seamless. On site, in the office, or on the road.

Contactzilla - Details & Top Features

Stop losing contacts, and say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets. Centralise your contacts across your teams and business departments whether you are remote, or in the office. Sync up your devices so everyone has access to up to date contact information whenever, wherever.

Contactzilla pricing - How much does Contactzilla cost?

  • Free trial for 30 days (no credit card required)
  • $5 per user (discounts for large teams)
  • Check out the complete pricing options for Contactzilla.

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    Relevance to Remote Work

    When teams are working remotely more than ever. Contactzilla provides a secure way for teams and businesses to centralise contact information. Each of your remote team stays in sync in real-time or can access the web interface (if you decide). No expensive or confusing CRMs. If you just want to manage contacts, Contactzilla does the job with no fuss or bother.

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