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About CoScreen

CoScreen turns your second screen into your team desktop. Any window you drag & drop to your extended screen appears on the extended screens of your team members & vice versa. Everyone can interact with all windows.c

CoScreen - Details & Top Features

By turning your secondary display into your team desktop, CoScreen enables you to share your windows with your peers in a single step by drag & drop. They can share their windows in the same way, on the same desktop, at the same time. Each team member has an own mouse pointer and can interact with all windows.

CoScreen pricing - How much does CoScreen cost?

  • Free public beta

  • Relevance to Remote Work

    We’ve made CoScreen to enable remote teams like yours to collaborate in a truly agile way by tearing down the boundaries between computers. Get ahead of the line if you sign up for the free beta of CoScreen (https://coscreen.com/join) if you're coming from remote.tools.

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