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About Coworker

A global platform for finding, booking, and reviewing 13,000+ coworking spaces. As the largest community-powered platform for the flexible workspace industry, Coworker helps remote teams connect with the right coworking space—wherever they are in the world.

Coworker - Details & Top Features

As the leading platform for finding, booking, and reviewing coworking spaces in over 168 countries, Coworker offers a seamless experience for locating flexible workspace. By searching Coworker's database, everyone from freelancers and remote workers to startup teams and corporate staff can easily find productive workspace and meeting rooms. Additionally, Coworker offers members a subscription service, Global Pass, which grants access to four coworking spaces per month in over 2,000 locations.

Coworker pricing - How much does Coworker cost?

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  • Relevance to Remote Work

    As a remote worker, it can be challenging to be productive while working from home. With Coworker, you can easily find a workspace that offers high-speed internet, desks, and other office amenities so you can be optimally productive, no matter where you are in the world.

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