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What is Deliforce?

Deliforce is a smart delivery management platform that makes it easy for you to manage drivers, Logistics tracking, courier and dispatch tasks and track goods delivery all in real-time

  • About Deliforce

    About Deliforce

    Deliforce's last mile delivery software is a challenging business where there is a lot of competition and even greater expectation in customers.

    Inorder to reach the customer expectations you need to have a last mile delivery software which offers optimized routes, real-time tracking, automatic dispatch, notifications, predictable ETA’s, customer feedback, analytics management, etc.

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  • When to use Deliforce

    When to use Deliforce

    The delivery tracking software should provide the company owners with effective control over its delivery operations.

    Deliforce's Last Mile delivery tracking application is considered one of the best trucking software applications available in the market. It allows the organization to optimize the use of trucking assets and to improve customer service

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • This software offers an easy remote management and tracking for various logistics
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