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easyPlanner 2

About easyPlanner 2

easyPlanner manages the things you need to do, using tasks and projects and the things you need to remember, using memos.

easyPlanner 2 - Details & Top Features

With easyPlanner, you can manage your appointments and tasks on multiple levels as your mind would! You can also monitor your progress with reports and see your productivity. You can also try to increase your productivity by using FocusTimer, a tool that will allow you to maintain concentration and carry out more tasks simultaneously. easyPlanner aims to make your life easier and “to work” in place of your memory.

easyPlanner 2 pricing - How much does easyPlanner 2 cost?

  • Free Version with limitation or PRO Version for 29,99$
  • Check out the complete pricing options for easyPlanner 2.

  • Relevance to Remote Work

    Helps remote workers organize their work in the best way. The launch price of the app is now only $14.99.

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