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What is fikaTime?

Working remotely should not feel like working alone. fikaTime builds socially connected teams by pairing up employees for some intentional downtime and human conversation

  • About fikaTime

    About fikaTime

    Team Culture has always been about the human relationships we have at work. Building these requires time and effort. Through paired coffee chats, our Microsoft Teams bot helps provide those moments for employees to build a better understanding of each other. fikaTime combines these nudges with analytics to understand the health of those relationships in one simple but effective solution

  • Pricing


    • Free trial
    • We have extended the trial to 3 months because of Covid19. Use COVID19RT code and mention Remote Tools in the correspondence when you want to join
  • When to use fikaTime

    When to use fikaTime

    - When it's silos have formed
    - When employees feel isolated
    - When employees find it difficult to disconnect
    - When mental health of employees is a priority
    - For those on Microsoft Teams

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Some of us may thrive when working remotely but there are many that don't. Maintaining socially connected teams can be difficult and for as many "gamified" experiences out there, sometimes all we need is a simple conversation
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