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About FlowyTeam

FlowyTeam lets you engage and motivate employees and teams. Make smarter and faster decisions via the OKR and KPI system

FlowyTeam - Details & Top Features

FlowyTeam offers OKR, KPI, and engagement tools in a powerful performance software. Reward your employees when targets are achieved. Engage via 1on1s, 360 reviews, and weekly check-ins. Measure the efficiency of your teams and track time via time log of projects, KRs, and tasks

FlowyTeam pricing - How much does FlowyTeam cost?

  • Free trial for 15 days
  • Paid plans start from $4/ month
  • Check out the complete pricing options for FlowyTeam.

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    FlowyTeam engages and motivates remote employees and teams

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    • saeed Mirmohammadali

      FlowyTeam helped us to get organized with our goals and KPIs

      We use the 360 reviews and the timelog and attendance function to measure our efficiency…very helpful

      I took a bit to practice the OKR cycle but after using FlowyTeam as engaging tool, it was much easier

      We set individual rewards for employees and teams when targets are hit. We could increase our motivation in our organization when targets are achieved.

      It’s much easier now to track our performance of the whole company, including teams and employees.

      We love the performance reporting system, easy to download and implement in our ppt

      Now we can measure the efficiency of time spend for projects, Key Results and tasks. This helps us to identify how we can spend our resources better.

      Love the easy to use features as reporting and weekly check-ins, keeps us on track

             reply     0      6 months ago
      • saeed Mirmohammadali

        Great experience we had with flowy team

               reply     0      6 months ago