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About Habitify

Habitify is the first multi-platform habit tracker that helps you form, track and measure the progress of your habits.

Habitify - Details & Top Features

What sets Habitify apart from other habit tracker is its minimalism and availability on many platforms. Therefore, Habitify can be a great complement to your current todo list and integrate very well into your current workflow. Habitify has been trusted by people working at the most popular companies like Google, Facebook, Lyft, Intercom.

Habitify pricing - How much does Habitify cost?

  • Free to download, 7-day trial.

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    Relevance to Remote Work

    People working remotely are subject to procrastination and/ or overly busy schedules (that make them forget the small habits they want to track). Habitify is there to help. Discount: 10% for remote working community. Apply this code at checkout on the web version: 1DB00B71

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