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What is HDD Fan Control?

iMac HDD Fan Control is a tool for MacOS using which you can control the fan’s speed plus noise.

  • About HDD Fan Control

    About HDD Fan Control

    iMac HDD Fan Control is great to regulate your fan's speed with features like:
    - Fixes iMac Fan Noise problem
    - Stops the fan always running at full speed
    - Allows HDD Fan to run at a speed related to Drive's temperature
    - Does not need the Apple Temperature Sensor or Firmware
    - No hardware modifications needed
    - Protects Drive from Overheating
    - Works with all HDD's & SSD's

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  • When to use HDD Fan Control

    When to use HDD Fan Control

    HDD Fan Control is great for all MacOS users to control their drive's fan and make sure that the device isn't damaged.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Ensure that your device is in top shape all the time and avoid any hiccups with iMac HDD Fan Control.
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