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About HuddleUp

HuddleUp is an all-in-one culture platform to keep your remote teams engaged & connected. It supports building a culture of continuous feedback, recognition & social connect, all while being remote.

HuddleUp - Details & Top Features

HuddleUp empowers your Managers with the right tools & learning to boost team engagement & productivity. It helps to: - Understand what your team actually feels through real-time sentiment analysis driven by an AI-culture bot - Celebrate team wins & motivate the squad by driving peer-to-peer recognition in the most impactful way - Stay connected & have fun together with virtual watercooler chats

HuddleUp pricing - How much does HuddleUp cost?

  • 30-day Free trial
  • Free forever version for teams less than 20 people.
  • Starting from $3/active-user/month
  • Check out the complete pricing options for HuddleUp.

  • Testimonials

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    It helps remote teams stay engaged & connected at workplaces. Special Offer - 30% discount

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    • Kshitij

      A great product to build stronger, happier remote teams. Helps in keeping my teams engaged & connected. Highly recommended!

             reply     2      4 months ago
    • Kovid Batra

      After using Huddleup for 5-6 months, We definitely see issues of our employees getting highlighted and solved on priority. Thanks huddle up. We see much more engaged and happier employees working remotely. LOOKING FOR TO YOUR UPCOMING FEATURES.

             reply     2      4 months ago
    • Kanika Joshi

      Helping me keep a tap on my teams sentiments and prevent burnout, while being everything on Slack. Loving it.

             reply     2      4 months ago
    • Varun Varma

      Gives me better visibility on my team’s well-being and engagement levels. It helps me build a feedback-driven and appreciative team culture.

             reply     2      4 months ago