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What is Knit?

Knit is a tool for virtual networking and socializing events. What makes virtual events special in comparison to offline events is that we can operate on much better data

  • About Knit

    About Knit

    Knit is suitable for socializing events because of their mingling tool.

    Instead of passively listening to one person throughout the event or meetup, guests can interweave between the room freely. They can also see who is where on the screen. It gives guests a feeling of an offline, real-life event.

    Knit is an eco-friendly tool that makes networking effective and easy.

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  • When to use Knit

    When to use Knit

    For socializing and networking, community building, online events

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Knit was built for remote socializing. Knit offers customized system as well
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