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What is Kooler?

Kooler is a platform for building culture amongst remote teams. Celebrate your company values. Enable opportunities for organic discussions

  • About Kooler

    About Kooler

    Kooler brings organic social engagements to your teams via their Slack workspace.

    These engagements can occur over discussions around topics of shared interests or by celebrating coworkers who demonstrate company values using the “shoutouts” feature.

    Our focus is on preserving a positive workplace culture amongst remote teams and as a result

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  • When to use Kooler

    When to use Kooler

    Kooler is best suited for companies and teams working remotely who desire a space to allow for organic social engagement, nurturing of workplace culture, and promotion of their company values

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Platform for building culture amongst remote teams
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