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About LocalBrackets

LocalBrackets is a community driven platform that offers people the opportunity to socialise with those who share their interests.
It makes it easy for users to create, find & join brackets, and collaborate with ease, and helps communities foster & develop.

LocalBrackets - Details & Top Features

LocalBrackets has a very sleek, minimal and easy to use design - ensuring maximum usability. At the same time, it has tons of new features since the original 'LocalLink'. Security has also been a major concern for the developers. To ensure maximum safety, and minimum Spam, several security features have also been incorporated.

LocalBrackets pricing - How much does LocalBrackets cost?

  • Free forever, for everyone

  • Relevance to Remote Work

    Useful for allowing people to find others who share their interests and socialise productively, or for simply allowing better collaboration over a definite motive. As for any other user, for the remote.tools community, LocalBrackets is free, forever.

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