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What is MyPivot.work?

Whether you want to follow your passion, find a better-paying job, or just explore a new career, Pivot has the tools, support and insights to get you there.

  • About MyPivot.work

    About MyPivot.work

    Use our proven step-by-step approach to map out your career shift, so you can easily explore career options, network, learn new skills, apply for jobs, and more!

    Talk to our industry experts to get insights on the industry.

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  • When to use MyPivot.work

    When to use MyPivot.work

    If you are stuck in your career, find your passion or find meaningful work, use MyPivot.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • It has support tools and a mentorship platform which helps you transition your career, start a side hustle in a remote (wfh) environment.
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