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What is Neno?

Connect with like-minded professionals nearby and around the world, record your short video introduction and showcase what you like outside of work and your professional experience

  • About Neno

    About Neno

    We are building a professional social network for millennials and Gen-Z.

    The concept it's all about meeting like minded professionals using a short introduction video to allow users to be seen for who they are alongside showcasing their professional experience and what they do outside of work like which books 📚 they read, movies 🎥 they watch and podcasts they like 🎧

  • Pricing


    • Both apps for iOS and Android are free
  • When to use Neno

    When to use Neno

    If you want to meet like-minded professionals in your area and around the globe in a social network where the quality of people you meet is the primary focus

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • It is all about meeting like minded professionals right from home
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