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What is Nirvana.Work?

Nirvana was built to help teams spend a lot less time on task management. It automagically plans your sprint, runs your standups and lets you know when all your features will ship.

  • About Nirvana.Work

    About Nirvana.Work

    Do you have a remote team where people live across time zones? Do some of the folks in your team work part time? Is it a hassle to get work done, and it feels like you're wasting all your time keeping track of things?

    We've built Nirvana to take care of it all. Automagically.

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  • When to use Nirvana.Work

    When to use Nirvana.Work

    If you are an Engineering team that wants to stop wasting time on task management, Nirvana is for you.

    Nirvana has helped teams of up to 100 Engineers spend 85% less time on task management already!

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Nirvana is an ideal scheduling platform for remote communities. It supports flexible timings, and handles time zone differences for teams.
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