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What is Pause?

Pause is a time-off management tool that helps teams take time off, know colleagues' availability, create transparent policies, and plan better together. Pause puts the team back in 'team planning'!

  • About Pause

    About Pause

    Take advantage of intuitive features: simple application processes, transparent leave policies, instant updates, locked critical dates, and more.

    Achieve that perfect balance between happy, engaged teams and projects that stay on track, no matter who's on a break and for how long!

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  • When to use Pause

    When to use Pause

    If you're a startup, agency or SME that wants an affordable thin-slice tool which enables better time-off management and capacity planning using clear and transparent information and processes

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Manages time-off within remote teams & directs information to a common platform
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