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What is PicMonkey?

PicMonkey is a photo editing and design tool that helps people create standout visuals to showcase their brand.

  • About PicMonkey

    About PicMonkey

    PicMonkey is an online photo editor and design tool that allows users to create eye-catching images to showcase their brand and stand out on social media sites.

    This photo editor can be used to create Insta posts, Facebook covers, YouTube thumbnails, web pages, holiday cards, posters, or just about anything with a visual.

    PicMonkey has millions of stock photos, along with integrated customizations that make photo editing extremely easy.

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  • When to use PicMonkey

    When to use PicMonkey

    Creators looking for online photo editing tools to better the quality of their social media posts can use this tool.

    PicMonkey is also a great tool for businesses aiming to build their look with branding tools. They can use this to create logos, business cards, or anything that is image-based.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Helps remote creators up their social media game by posting compelling visual images.
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