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What is Pilot?

Pilot helps you easily onboard and pay international employees and contractors worldwide, in one secure platform. Get payroll, benefits, and compliance for remote teams.

  • About Pilot

    About Pilot

    You can pay contractors worldwide by sending payments to contractors in 240+ countries at optimal exchange rates, with no markup fees.

    You can also hire employees where you want in 130+ countries.

    All without the expense of setting up a local entity.

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  • When to use Pilot

    When to use Pilot

    When you're a U.S. based company hiring contractors or employees internationally or you already have contractors or employees that work remote and need a payroll platform to save money, provide benefits, and stay compliant in those countries.

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • We allow people from all over the world the opportunity to work from anywhere and get paid in whatever currency they choose, receive benefits, and feel like they are a part of the company they're working for even if they're a contractor.
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