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About Pincone

Keep all of your bookmarks in one place and shared with your team. Organize links into categories, add tags, and keep track of new and interesting content

Pincone - Details & Top Features

Pincone is a simple bookmarking tool making it easier to share content with others. You can create teams for coworkers, friends, family or anyone else! Inside a team, you can submit links, add them to categories, label them, search across the entire team and much more. Once you sign up for Pincone, you automatically get access to your Personal Pincone where you can enjoy all the benefits alone

Pincone pricing - How much does Pincone cost?

  • Personal accounts and small teams of up to 3 people are free
  • For bigger teams, we charge a flat fee of $5/ month or $50/ year

  • Relevance to Remote Work

    Pincone is relevant for the remote working community because it enables teams to organize and share their materials in one place. It's made with the goal of knowledge sharing for remote teams

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