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What is Plum mail?

Plum Mail is an alternative to email that uses your existing email address. With plum mail, have structured thoughtful conversations and do so much more with your correspondence than traditional email or instant messengers allow

  • About Plum mail

    About Plum mail

    Plum Mail is a replacement for email and instant messengers. Email is disorganised and IM is distracting. We want to fix this and keep the email's best feature: everyone has an email address

    In Plum mail, you can conclude conversations, keep track of key points by pinning, send structured replies, and control expectations about when you check your messages

  • Pricing


    • Starting at $49 per month for an individual
    • Team pricing available
  • When to use Plum mail

    When to use Plum mail

    Plum mail is when you need to have productive organized conversations with individuals outside your immediate team

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Plum mail's goal is to encourage better conversations. The remote community is often spread over timezones and by encouraging longer form but less frequent messages it is easy to work as a team without constantly checking you messages
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