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About Plutoview

Plutoview brings multiple sharable screens to dispersed teams, making their remote collaboration feel like it's actually happening at the same table

Plutoview - Details & Top Features

Effective group collaboration demands the ability to work from the same table with your team on multiple devices simultaneously. Plutoview is designed to bring multiple sharable co-browsing screens to remote teams, enabling synchronous collaboration that feels almost identical to offline/same table scenario. Our integration makes the multiscreen co-browsing fully compatible with other platforms

Plutoview pricing - How much does Plutoview cost?

  • Free trial available, additionally free accounts are available
  • Pricing plan starts from $6/ month
  • 6 months free for the Remote Tools community

  • Relevance to Remote Work

    Plutoview enables synchronous collaboration on multiple devices

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    • Arkadiy Baltser

      Plutoview is designed to make Web-based collaboration truly effortless for dispersed team. Share as many live sessions with your team and work from multiple workstations simultaneously.

             reply     0      almost 2 years ago