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About Pomodus

Pomodus allows you to plan your day, prioritize & focus while leveraging Slack to keep you in the zone. It silences notifications & lets colleagues know that you're heads-down & when you'll be done.

Pomodus - Details & Top Features

- Take back control of your time and stay in the zone longer - Feel more productive and experience greater satisfaction as you accomplish more - Eliminate the need for separate time tracking - Fewer long days and more free time

Pomodus pricing - How much does Pomodus cost?

  • Free accounts Paid subscription for expanded usage and analytics
  • Check out the complete pricing options for Pomodus.

  • Relevance to Remote Work

    Remote team members benefit from Pomodus because they can communicate that they're busy and thereby prevent unwanted interruptions.

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    • Glen Robertson

      As a right-brain audible learner, I get easily distracted by noises and intrusive interruptions. This service helps me concentrate, produce results, and earn a sense of productive satisfaction before I’m pulled back into someone else’s projects. It’s useful, effective and recommended.

             reply     0      almost 3 years ago