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8 Competitors to  neatCal

User friendly scheduling applications

When to use neatCal

- Manage your bookings, resources and staff in our powerful Calendar and Timeline.
- Sync your calendars with other platforms and devices.
- Automatically detect your customers Time Zones and ensure everyone sees the right times.

 neatCal Competitor 1 - Undock
A predictive scheduling engine that superpowers your email

When to use Undock

When you want to find the right time the first time. Undock is used when you want to reduce the time it takes to coordinate meetings to seconds. Make logistical overhead a thing of the past and find time for the critically important.

 neatCal Competitor 2 - Rendez
A very simple way to schedule appointments

When to use Rendez

Make appointments in a snap.

 neatCal Competitor 3 - Woven
The all in one calendar

When to use Woven

When you want to easily schedule events without leaving your calendar.

 neatCal Competitor 4 - Reclaim
Automatic time blocking for WFH calendars

When to use Reclaim

Reclaim is used primarily by busy product people who have packed calendars - both managers and ICs alike.

 neatCal Competitor 5 - Waqt
Tracking web app that helps easily schedule meetings across timezones

When to use Waqt

- If you are part of a distributed, remote team and want to schedule a meeting that works for everyone without doing mental math.
- If you want to keep up with friends and family and want to know roughly the best times to talk without disturbing them.

 neatCal Competitor 6 - Calendar.AI
Discover everything about the people and companies you meet

When to use Calendar.AI

Calendar.AI is perfect for people who have numerous meetings throughout their work day and are constantly scheduling meetings. You pre-select your availability, and send a scheduling link to others enabling them to set meetings around your schedule which saves endless back and forth emails.

The enriched data insights help you make an excellent first impression at meetings as you come with some common talking points. You save hours scouring the web for information about people

 neatCal Competitor 7 - Doodle Bot for Slack
Simple tool to find meeting times on Slack

When to use Doodle Bot for Slack

Forget about juggling between calendars and chat services, jumping between tabs or resending invites - use Doodle Bot to create and manage meetings where you work.

 neatCal Competitor 8 - Taggg
Schedule Group Meetings Effortlessly

When to use Taggg

Taggg is a meeting scheduling software that helps book group meetings with 3 or more people no matter where they are located or what calendar platform they are using