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Have too much to do every day, often seem to miss what’s most important?
Meet 1Do Today: it’s what you’d get if Todoist and Seinfeld and Twitter had a baby.

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    1Do is for all of us: Do ➤ share ➤ praise and support each other ➤ see your growing Achievement chain ➤ feel AWESOME! 1Do is like Twitter for action. An app to apply the single-tasking philosophy. Focus on what's important & visualize progress, and motivate you to keep on track. It’s where productivity meets the compound effect meets social. Enlist the support of your network.

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    When to use

    👍Want to show your boss what you’ve done over the year - download your achievements and all attached comments for the month in a beautiful report 👍Struggling with your todo lists? Want to always see clearly what’s now, what’s next and avoid work overwhelm? 👍Do you Like to keep it simple? Love clarity? 👍Do you want to start a habit? Work daily towards your dreams? 👍Do you want to overcome a lack of motivation and willpower - tiny, easy actions daily that deliver

  • Relevance to remote workers

    Relevance to remote workers

    • Mindful work towards a higher goal: what if you’d have only one task a day on your to-do list, but this one be meaningful and consistently executed every single day? If you know what compounding can do in investing, you can imagine how you could invest in your future; should you only do something every single day to get closer to it.
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