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4 Competitors to Dropbox

A central place to access and share files.

When to use Dropbox

If you are already using GSuite, then Drive might be a better bet. However, Dropbox's ease of use and easy syncing features make it a serious contender otherwise.

Dropbox Competitor 1 - BlackHole
Blockchain-based file transfer

When to use BlackHole

When you want to send a file to a teammate or someone in an easy but secure way.
It is anonymous and encrypted too. It can be useful for sharing what you are working on with anyone around the world.

Dropbox Competitor 2 - Google Drive
Cloud storage offering by Google.

When to use Google Drive

Good for startups who work a lot through Gmail.

Dropbox Competitor 3 -  Box
Simple, secure file sharing and collaboration from anywhere.

When to use Box

For firms where security is critical, Box is a great product

Dropbox Competitor 4 - BlockDoc
Decentralized document manager with private sharing

When to use BlockDoc

Anyone can store and share documents.