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Google-hosted email for your domain with 30GB of storage and 24/7 support. Includes the full G Suite - Google calendar, docs, and chat.

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    An extremely robust and reliable mailing tool. Email communication is unavoidable and there is no emailing service more ubiquitous than Gmail. Easy to manage users and comes with the entire Google Suite offering.

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  • Pros and Cons

    Pros and Cons

    • Extremely robust mailing service.
    • Numerous integrations possible to serve various use cases including email marketing, mail tracking, etc.
    • Immediately get access to GSuite.
    • Long mail threads often get a bit unmanageable.
    • Preview of attached files is not very stable.
  • When to use

    When to use

    For all small teams (even up to 500), using Google for business is the best way to go ahead and have no headache around managing mails.

  • Know more

    Know more

    • None
  • Testimonials


  • Jesse Chase
    @jesse, Designer, Slab

    After trying almost every email app out there, I always fall back to the trust Gmail. Google just does it best.

           reply     0      over 1 year ago
  • Eric
    @eric, Project Manager, Kallu

    What I like the most (aside of sending email) from gmail is how it’s versatile and connect easily with a lot of sales, CRM and marketing tools

           reply     0      over 1 year ago
  • Gene Podolyak
    @gene, Co-Founder, Meetter

    G Suite works well for our company and relatively inexpensive.

           reply     0      over 1 year ago
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