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Spend less time tracking and more time growing. Get work done faster with the easiest time tracking platform.

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    HubStaff is an easy to setup time tracking tool with plenty of features to track one's work. Its features include providing user screenshots and tracking mouse/keyboard activity along with numerous integrations across many project management tools.

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  • Pros and Cons

    Pros and Cons

    • Easy-to-use product with quick setup.
    • Gives various levels of access controls.
    • Tracks numerous details of the user and gives detailed reports.
    • Auxillary features around payrolling and billing need more flexibility and depth.
    • Can be a little intrusive for your employees. Choose only if you need that level of detail.
  • When to use

    When to use

    Great for all remote working teams.

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    Know more

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  • Jack Hales
    @halesyy, Developer, CEO

    Growing is obviously a priority which is put forward to the slightest using this application, really nice app.

           reply     0      over 1 year ago

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