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8 Competitors to Spigit

Innovation management at scale.

When to use Spigit

Ideal for large teams to leverage ideas of employees and customers.

Spigit Competitor 1 - Sprint Boards
Online retrospective tool for agile developers

When to use Sprint Boards

Sprint Boards is perfect for remote teams. While it's thoughtfully designed for retrospectives, it's also widely used for other types of meetings, too!

Spigit Competitor 2 - FunRetro
Collaborate with your remote team.

When to use FunRetro

FunRetro is best for running your recurrent scrum retrospective. But it can also be used for other kinds of meetings.

Spigit Competitor 3 - Sideways6
Build better businesses through employee ideas.

When to use Sideways6

Distributed workforce or one that has greater than 1000 employees using Slack, Workspace or Yammer.

Spigit Competitor 4 - The Worklist Digest
Weekly digest of creative remote opportunities

When to use The Worklist Digest

Digital Nomads Creatives in the Tech Industry in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Atlanta

Spigit Competitor 5 - Neatro
Effective agile retrospectives for everyone

When to use Neatro

Neatro is a collaborative platform that helps remote teams to continuously improve through agile retrospective activities.

- Get access to a selection of premade retrospective templates.
- Easily manage your teams with the multi-team function.
- Create action items and assign owners in realtime.
- Share your team's reports to stakeholders.

Spigit Competitor 6 - Productific
A feature request SaaS for small companies

When to use Productific

Mobile app developers, Indie game developers, Indie makers

Spigit Competitor 7 - TeamRetro
Run retrospective meetings easily.

When to use TeamRetro

Remote agile retrospective meetings.
For more efficient and engaging face to face meetings.
Project debriefs and lessons learned.

Spigit Competitor 8 - Ideanote
An innovation hub for the modern workplace

When to use Ideanote

CIOs, innovation labs, business developers and innovators of any type love using Ideanote to organize anything from ideation workshops, employee innovation programs and open innovation initiatives. Previous customers include IKEA, Uster, and Usiminas.