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6 Competitors to Standupsly

A Digital Scrum master for Slack.

When to use Standupsly

When Slack is your preferred chat tool, Standuply becomes the best standup tool you can work with!

Standupsly Competitor 1 - Jell
One platform for daily stand-ups, team check ins, and OKRs.

When to use Jell

When having a remotely distributed workforce is the way forward for your team and you want to make daily reporting a core part of the team culture.

Standupsly Competitor 2 - Standuply
A Slack App for your standup meetings

When to use Standuply

Remote teams and Scrum Masters use Standuply to coordinate the work their teams need to do.

Standupsly Competitor 3 - Tatsu
A Slack app that helps teams conduct remote stand-up meetings.

When to use Tatsu

When you have a highly motivated team who needs to update each other rather than manage.

Standupsly Competitor 4 - I Done This
Email-enabled daily work tracker for remote distributed teams.

When to use I Done This

When you are managing large remote distributed teams and need regular continuous updates.

Standupsly Competitor 5 - Olaph
Create stand-ups inside of Slack for FREE!

When to use Olaph

When you work in an agile environment with remote teams, Olaph is your bot!

Standupsly Competitor 6 - Standups
Share video and voice progress updates with your team

When to use Standups

For distributed and remote teams