Additor is the new standard of docs for collaborators, from remote workers to cross-functional teams, to organize various types of information and share insight.


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    It's important for remote workers to work on the one source of truth. Additor is the living knowledge library for them, and it's easy to collaborate both synchronously and asynchronously. For now, it's free.

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    • Jiwon Jang

      Hi, fellows. I’m Jiwon from Additor. I wish Additor would make your remote collaboration more productive. Please feel free to give us any feedback. Cheers!

             reply     1      10 months ago
    • Taylor William

      Oh, it’s glad to see Additor here! I’ve been using this, and it’s an amazing tool. The team is making it better week by week. I absolutely recommend this.

             reply     0      10 months ago
    • Shahul Rashik

      The features on Additor are really cool. Definitely considering the paid plans

             reply     0      9 months ago