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8 Competitors to Ambiently

Calm, Relax, Focus & Sleep

When to use Ambiently

Select different ambients that match with your needs in every moment.

Ambiently Competitor 1 - Noisli
Improve focus and boost your productivity with sound.

When to use Noisli

Noisy environments or when you require a no-distraction few hours of work.

Ambiently Competitor 2 - Forest
Helps tackle distractions and improves productivity.

When to use Forest

For daily usage but more importantly when you need a period of absolute focus, while still having to use the internet.

Ambiently Competitor 3 - Focus To-Do
Be focused and make things easier

When to use Focus To-Do

- Let you concentrate on your work, finish your work efficiently
- Record every bit of progress every day
- Synchronize data between multiple devices
- Set a due date so that no deadline is missed
- Add a reminder to make sure no task is forgotten
- Split a task into small pieces.
- Add a note to make sure all information of the task is not missed

Ambiently Competitor 4 - Just Focus
Focus on what's important

When to use Just Focus

Use daily to help improve productivity.

Ambiently Competitor 5 - Tomorrow
To-Do List, Focused

When to use Tomorrow

Use Tomorrow to prioritize your tasks daily.

Ambiently Competitor 6 - Effortless
Do one thing at a time

When to use Effortless

Add Effortless to your Mac menu bar and stay focused, do one thing at a time.

Ambiently Competitor 7 -  Y-Productive
Keep your work and distractions under control

When to use Y-Productive

Improving productivity is hard. Digital work is full of distractions.
That's why we made the app to help you focus on the most important tasks, every day.

Ambiently Competitor 8 - The Focus App
Become your most productive self

When to use The Focus App

Use The Focus App to focus on what's important and analyze your productivity.